"Achievement is the Best Earning"

"Achievement is Better than Earning"

Based on Chairman's long term dream , he has started this BEST School to give the best to students by moulding them as IAS & other higher officials, talented Doctors, great Scientist, famous Sports personalities and best Philosophers of the country in future.

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School  Timing

TIME                              PERIOD                   

9.00 am                         First Bell

9.05am – 9.20am         Assembly

9.20am – 9.55am              I

9.55am – 10.30am            II

10.30am – 11.05am         III

11.05 AM – 11.15AM BREAK

11.15am – 11.50am         IV

11.50am – 12.25pm         V

12.25PM – 12.55PM  LUNCH

12.55pm – 1.30pm          VI

1.30pm – 2.05pm            VII

2.05PM – 2.10PM BREAK

2.10pm – 2.45pm           VIII

2.45pm – 3.20pm           IX

3.20pm – 4.15pm           Zero Hour

4.15pm – 4.25pm           Diary & H/W Checking

4.25pm                             Last Bell