My greetings to all parents and children!

We the management are happy that we have started a school named BEST School. The fact that we started this school is a pointer to our realization of the complexity of the task of educating young children. It requires a whole new mindset to initiate children to the process of learning.

They come to us with an open mind, the joys and fears of innocence. They carry the hopes of their parents. So it is vital that the Management should be sensitive, sensible, accommodative and resilient. This realization is reflected in our Vision and Mission statements. We seek to impart learning, perfect learning with pleasure.

“The School for Students Not Students for School “

BEST SCHOOL [CBSE] aims to give the best to every student by molding them into IAS & other higher officials, talented doctors, great scientists, famous sports personalities and best philosophers of the future.

We nurture a unique concept in teaching that brings out the “embryonic heat “hidden in every student and make them academically strong, physically and mentally fit to lead a successful life.

We provide knowledge based teaching with an easy and innovative method to make the students understand the concept very easily and also to attain success in all competitive exams. In order to achieve our aim, we instill general knowledge and mental ability in our students through real life examples.

We shape the minds of tiny tots and set new standards to ensure joyful and meaningful education in an eco – friendly environment.

My heart-felt congratulations for the launching of BEST School [CBSE] and I wish with all sincerity that BEST School [CBSE] proves itself by growing as top-notch CBSE schools.

With best regards.
Dr. K. Thankaswamy,