"Achievement is the Best Earning"

"Achievement is Better than Earning"

Based on Chairman's long term dream , he has started this BEST School to give the best to students by moulding them as IAS & other higher officials, talented Doctors, great Scientist, famous Sports personalities and best Philosophers of the country in future.

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About Us

BEST SCHOOL is a CBSE affiliated School, following NCERT syllabus .This School is a Child-Centric, Child-Friendly Institution situated in Eco-Friendly environment. Our School focuses on imparting the teaching-learning process and promotes Value Education, Physical and Health Education, Sports & Games, Cultural Talents, Intellectual Brilliance & nurturing in their Co-curricular activities also..

The pedagogy is built on proven methods and addresses holistic development of children. Classroom learning brings the state-of-the-art learning equipment and digital technology aids with video presentation. The Classrooms are  well designed to help the children to achieve their learning skills. Students at” BEST School” are also entrusted with research oriented and practical study as well. The School is established for the students and it is not meant otherwise.

About the Management

The School  runs under” Ilakiya Educational and Charitabe Trust” has educationists whose experience and expertise in the field of education will make joyful learning  for the children. The School functions under the direct supervision, guidance and administration of the Correspondent and Chairman Dr.K.Thangaswamy .In recognition of his contribution for the cause of education , The International Tamil University U.S.A. has awarded him with “Doctors of Letters”. Also the Administrative support and encouragement of  Mrs.Shyamala Thangaswamy, the Administrative Officer brightens the school atmosphere to direct effectively in the field of education.

Our Management Team


 Dr. K.Thangaswamy, the founder and Correspondent
of the school, is the Managing Trustee of the
Ilakiya Educational and Charitable Trust.


Dr. Kisha, MBBS,MS Trustee,
is the Academic Counsellor of the school.


Dr. Abisha, MBBS, the trustee of the school.  .